Nursery Rooms - Encouraging Individuality & Independence


Our Nursery rooms are safe, fun, creative and caring environments where our children learn through play.  Each child is valued as an individual and we follow their choices and interests. The children enjoy the activities in the gardens, playground and the indoor hall. Songs, stories, games, cooking, texture play and art are some of the many activities on offer. Many of our nursery children will still be sleeping during the day, and we provide a calm and quiet environment for them to do so until you are ready for them to drop their naps. 


Our nursery setting encourages the children to gain more independence through the concept of 'having a go', expressing themselves in the classroom, feeding themselves and pouring their own drinks at meal times and through encouraging independent use of the potty or toilet. This helps them to gain confidence in a safe, supportive environment where we are always on hand to help out if needed. 


In Nursery the children will be introduced through fun activities to new concepts as a part of play and language development. Each child is an individual and our attention to their interests and choices encourages them to focus on engaging with nursery activities.


Our chef provides healthy homemade, fresh food every day, catering for all of our children's' dietary needs, and we support parents with their food preferences in offering a number of alternatives through which parents can influence their child's daily food. We are passionate about ensuring that any food allergies are fully accommodated, providing special meals wherever required.

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